Production Ministry

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The role of the production team is to communicate the message of GOD's truth without distraction. Workers in this ministry understand clearly that while their work is done behind the scenes, they are the caretakers of the message - responsible for making sure that it's communication proceeds purely and unhindered. As a support function when done well, production often goes unnoticed to the general population.

At HBC, we recognize production is not simply a support function, it is a ministry and an art form in itself. As an art form, its contribution to the overall ministry is powerfully subtle. In either case, whether as a support or a contributing art form, its impact is substantial and extremely effective. We strive to use the various technological and non-technical outlets available to reach the hearts and minds of people, allowing GOD to use us to usher people to the feet of CHRIST. If any of the below roles interest you or you feel you may be gifted in one of these areas and want to know more than, please contact us. 


Get more informaiton soon!


Get more information soon!


The purpose of this area of ministry is to enhance worship by communicating the gospel through technology and media, and giving visual and audio support as a worship tool. Persons involved in this area should be; knowledgeable about electronics and power point, creative, and a good problem solver. They typically work behind the scenes. It is required that a member of the audiovisual team be present at praise & worship rehearsals on a Thursday evening. 


If you are interested in any of the above oppurtunities you may contact:
        Deacon Lennox Deane